PixBuilder Studio


The best substitute for Adobe Photoshop



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PixBuilder Studio is a digital image editing software designed for processing, editing, and retouching images with multiple quality functions that give a professional end result. Its interface is almost identical to Adobe Photoshop, so if you are already familiar with this tool, or you've used it during its trial period, PixBuilder Studio is a good substitute.

This tool lets you use functions that vary from the most basic such as color management, rotation, and size changes to the most advanced such as mask supports, or overlapping layers so you can continue working on the same image without having a small mistake force you to start from the beginning, different blurring and clarity effects, cloning tools, eraser brush and color selection.

PixBuilder Studio also lets you use flexible selection transform and management functions for forms, effects, and drawing tools thus letting you easily create web graphics in any of the most popular formats such as JPEG, GIF and PNG among others.

You can also customize the program's interface, thus helping you organize your work space according to your needs and making your work more effective.
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